Jonny Pugh


In Darwin’s 1859 publication ‘On the Origin of Species’, it was hypothesised that certain individuals will have a better chance of survival due to the genetic traits and freak mutations that give them an advantage within a certain environment. Jonny B.D. Pugh was born with big toes that practically serve as additional limbs. Although this causes him to appear to run slowly, it makes his first touch and range of passing better than anyone with ‘normal’ feet.

“If I had to describe myself, it would be a cross between Xavi, Beckham and Wes Hoolahan, and well endowed” he blushed, when asked recently. “ My genitals really are beautiful” he added, going somewhat off topic.

Jonny is often relied upon for the outrageaous, and his love of all things scoopy/flicky/backheely have led to some broken hearts and embarrassed goalkeepers during his time with #Ladpack.


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