Jon Minto


Jon ‘Ice Blast’ Minto joined the team after Jim found him fighting a swan in Cambridge city centre. Whilst technically a good footballer, Mint was diagnosed in his teens with a condition that means he literally can’t fear anything. This led to a promising career in goalkeeping.

Sadly, due to his hobby of skydiving with knives, Jon cannot play every week, but is a real asset when available. Stopping shots during games, but also psyching out opposition with terrifying feats such as firebreathing,   razor juggling and ordering Magner’s without ice.

“yeah Jon’s a challenge to manage” admits Jim RR, “My job is to make sure he doesn’t play chicken with buses or eat petrol-station-bought hotdogs in the run up to a game. It’s not easy; he is just too much of a risk taker.”


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