Jimmy Ross-Russell


Jim ‘the gaffer’ RR turned down a promising career in modelling and television to manage the Ladpack, with visions of establishing a club dynasty that could dominate Frank Lee Monday Night 5-a-side Football for months to come.  A blue sky thinker of the footballing world, many of his revolutionary policies such as compulsory team showers and no girlfriends (not that it matters) were initially frowned upon, but have since been adopted by Barcelona’s La Masia training camp and other top institutions.

“I was asked to film a pilot for a chat show by Living TV , but I knew in my heart that football was where I wanted to be. As I keep telling Jeremy Kyle; the glory, the trophies and the showers are all I need at the moment, but I won’t rule out a media career if the lads no longer need me”.

The combination of Jim’s charisma and expertise has established Jim as a father figure for many of the players: Jonny recently admitted “I once got in a bit of trouble at a Star Trek convention and the only person I could think to call was Jim. He sorted it all out and got my costume fixed in time for ComicCon.”

A true club legend, and the Ladpack ethos in human form.


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