Jamie Clarke

Jamie grew up with a love of World War II films and documentaries, and this shows on the football field. Always first for the ‘kick now, apologise later’ approach, Jamie adds steel to the Pack. A natural leader, he will inevitably be a scoutmaster by the age of 40.

Barking commands to the less able Ladpack players, Clarkeyboy is the Paolo Maldini of Monday Night 5-a-side Football, and a true professional on and off the pitch.

“I think the lads look up to me; Simon in particular didn’t understand the concept of holding up the ball until I drilled it into him every game. He still isn’t there yet but I’ll get through to him. Maybe. If only he’ll stop trying to do bloody kick ups”

When he isn’t turning out for Ladpack, Jamiestagram likes jogging through parks and social media. He also tours a very convincing PowerPoint presentation on why Paul Scholes is the best midfielder to grace the premier league.


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